This beauty blogger used food from her kitchen to create an everyday makeup look

Some of the most interesting and impressive beauty tutorials are born out of ridiculous online challenges and hashtags. One of the latest makeup tutorials to take the Internet by storm shows how a beauty blogger used food for her makeup look as part of the #FaceFullOfFood makeup challenge. We’re unsure whether we’re hungry, inspired, or sick to our stomach, and that’s all part of the charm (and horror) of this tutorial.

Beauty blogger Raychel Newton, known as Makeup Maven on Instagram, decided to raid her kitchen for makeup products in this tutorial. She proved that if you have the skill-set, even butter can become a beauty product.

Much in the spirit of the beauty vlogger who used art supplies and the beauty vlogger who used lube as primer, Raychel decided to throw caution to the wind in her self-made #FaceFullOfFood challenge.

First she slicked her eyebrows down with butter.


Of course, this was before using Cacao Powder to accent her brows! Throughout the tutorial, she proclaimed her love of powdered foods, at least when it comes to makeup.

Then she applied honey as eyeshadow primer.


Apparently honey works well as a substitute primer (although it sounds horrible to wash off). She even applied cheese powder from a Mac n Cheese box to brighten her lids.

She used coffee grounds for a smoky eye before applying flour to set her under-eye area.


Practice and having the right brush make a world of difference.

She used a Snickers bar for contouring.


This was before finishing her look by smudging her lips with a combination of raw beets and coconut oil.

Considering her flavorful stock of supplies, the end results made her look impressively head-shot ready.

You can peep the full tutorial here.

If you’re feeling in the mood to become what you eat, she made a video encouraging her followers to do the challenge as well.

Bon appetit.

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