This beautiful Christmas commercial about a farting monster is going viral

Sure, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet — but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start thinking about Christmas. And this viral Christmas commercial about a monster under the bed is already getting us into the spirit. Set to the soundtrack of “Golden Slumbers” — originally by The Beatles, but performed by English rock band Elbow — it’s heartwarming, if not a little funny. Much like the monsters of Sesame Street, the monster in question — named Moz — isn’t scary, but just a little misunderstood at first.

The story also focuses on a boy named Joe, who is the first to discover Moz. Joe seemingly warms up to the monster due to his human-like traits. For example, he snores and farts. So, he pretty much ticks off all the boxes for being hilarious to a child.

John Lewis, a well-known high-end department store chain in the United Kingdom, let Oscar winner Michel Gondry direct the much-anticipated advertisement. And as John Lewis has been known as “the king of Christmas advertising” since 2011, the store had to bring in someone extra special. While 2011’s advertisement showcased the absolute joy in bringing a smile to someone else’s face with a Christmas gift, 2017’s required a bit of work to create a monster that prioritizes the well-being of his brand new friend.

If you’re unable to watch at the moment, here’s a bit of a summary — after Joe learns that Moz has a bit of a sense of humor, the two become close friends.

Unfortunately, based on their all-nighters, Joe starts losing focus at school. Moz sees this, and realizes that the best gift for Joe this Christmas would be to disappear.


He gifts him a projector nightlight that looks like we may have wrapped it, and ensures that Joe’s nights are peaceful. Crying yet?

If you can’t get enough of Moz the Monster, you’re in luck — as John Lewis also made sure to release Moz’s “story” on YouTube.

We’ll be playing this commercial at least a dozen times before Thanksgiving, and probably throughout the entirety of December.

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