This bear tried breaking into a store but failed in the most hilarious way

If you’ve found yourself in a desperate predicament that required immediate access to tools, then you should definitely be able to relate to this black bear that tried breaking into a hardware store. As UPI reports, the owner of Coulee Hardware in Grand Coulee, Washington shared surveillance video of the incident on Facebook, revealing the beast’s valiant yet spectacularly failed efforts. Instead of crashing through the glass like the ultimate badass of the wilderness, the adorably dorky bear bounced off the storefront window like a furry, floppy ball with legs.

Considering the fact that this isn’t the first botched bear break-in to be brought to our attention, we’re thinking that the animals completely missed the memo on casing the joint prior to executing a master plan of thievery. It could be that they haven’t watched enough crime dramas on Netflix, or maybe they’re so focused on finding stuff that they ignore the obvious, like huge panes of glass.

Not that we want them to embark upon a life of crime, but it just seems like bears encounter the strangest obstacles when it comes to breaking into things like vehicles and stores. Except for houses. Bears love breaking into people’s houses.

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Hardware shops? Not so much. The shop owner said a passerby reported a bear lingering in the parking lot, which prompted him to review the surveillance footage.

"When you come to the shop and we are already closed," the post read.

LOL. Poor bear. We feel your pain (no pun intended), but we think you should definitely give up on the criminal lifestyle.