This bear broke into a house to play the piano, and the footage is so extremely good

What happens when a curious, roaming animal has a creative block? If the creature in question is a bear, breaking into a house to play the piano is apparently the only natural solution to get those juices flowing again.

Somewhere along the line, the furry, clawed beasts moved beyond rummaging through garbage bins and engaging in bear dance-offs to “Jungle Boogie” to trying to upstage Beethoven. We know this sounds highly unlikely, but this footage of a bear going to town on a piano after making its way into a Vail home makes for a pretty convincing case.

According to Colorado’s 9News, a black bear invaded a house in East Vail on May 31st looking for food and and apparently, an impromptu jam session.

Fortunately, the homeowners weren’t present when the animal broke in. Judging by all accounts, the bear wasn’t the least bit interested in human interaction. After completely ransacking the freezer for food, the animal made its way over to the instrument, where it banged out a disjointed yet spirited tune, presumably a way to express its excitement at hitting the bear jackpot.

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The homeowners’ security camera captured the giant invader taking time out of its destructive house visit to get in a quick, self-guided music lesson, and the footage is rather hilarious.

Police suspect that the animal — delightfully dubbed “Bear-thoven” by a YouTube commenter — entered the residence through an open window, and surprisingly enough only did minor damage to the premises. After the break-in, local authorities searched the area but have yet to locate the musically-inclined bear in question.