This very bald Sphynx cat is the magical and perfect pet of our dreams

We’ll be the first to admit that we have a bizarre obsession with Sphynx cats. We think hairless cats are actually SO adorable! They’re seriously not given enough credit. Sure, they’re a little different from super fuzzy cats like this beloved Scottish Fold cat, but they’re beautiful in their own way. Because bald, hairless cats can be just as lovely as their furry counterparts. And this amazing Instagram famous Sphynx, Warren, is giving us all the feels right now. Just give him a chance to wow you with his beautifully bald cat body. We promise you’ll love him, at least a little bit!

Introducing Warren, a totally lovely, totally bald cat.

If there’s anything that true cat lovers understand, it’s that all cats are beautiful in their own way. And Warren’s human, Diane, clearly loves this little guy! 

Warren spends a lot of time bundled, and it’s truly adorable. How sweet is this tiny thing?!

Plus, Warren is stylish AF.

We just wanna cuddle him forever and ever!