This bakery makes cakes with poppable pimples, and we can’t look away

By now, you’re probably aware that we have a weird fascination with popping pimples. And while it’s disgusting, we’re not alone. Since if we were, this pimple popping cake from a bakery in Malaysia wouldn’t exist. Really, our feelings about it are mixed. It’s fun to watch, but it doesn’t make the otherwise delicious-looking cake quite as appetizing.

The bakery in question is called The Cakescape, and according to a piece by Mashable, about 20 cakes adorned with pimples were ordered in the past year. But the number seems to be growing based on people simply being way too fascinated over the chance to extract a cake pimple.

In case you’re curious, here’s what an extraction like that would look like.

If you watched and you’re a little grossed out, here’s another offering from the bakery to help you clear your mind — unicorn cakepops.


Anyway — back to the acne cake.

While this cake has an uncanny way of illustrating many of our teen (and adult) years, we have to give props to the fact that having an interactive cake is actually pretty cool. We can imagine a ton of occasions where this would be appropriate.

It also reminds us a lot of the pimple popping cupcake that went viral last year. So gross, yet so fascinating.

If you’re new to the pimple popping craze, you can thank internet celebrities like “Dr. Pimple Popper,” known professionally as Dr. Sandra Lee. Lee, a dermatologist, has her own YouTube channel that shows extractions and currently has nearly 3 million subscribers.

We have a feeling that the pimple popping won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. And pimple popping baked goods? Well, they’re just getting started.

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