This baby’s first word has us LOLing so hard

Usually a baby’s first word is “mama” or “dada.” And it makes sense — typically, they’re the people an infant knows best, and they’re kind of easy to say. But one dad taught his baby to say a superhero name and ended up catching the moment on video. We’re impressed.

Michael McAvoy shared the video of his daughter’s first word in a tweet, and as expected, it went viral, with well over 15,000 retweets. It also inspired countless other new parents to try new techniques to make their children’s first word equally as memorable.

Just watch the video below, and be amazed.


You heard that right. McAvoy’s daughter said “Batman.” And she said it pretty clearly, as well.

Even better, she got it right on cue. It sounds like she’s pretty familiar with the iconic theme song.

One dad understood how important such a milestone was, and made sure McAvoy saw the video of his son identifying all of the Avengers without fail.

And another parent shared that her child’s first word was also inspired by pop culture.

So, hopefully McAvoy’s wife will shortly see how incredible this accomplishment really is. Plus, it’s pretty much proof that McAvoy and his daughter have one fandom in common — superheroes.

We can’t wait to hear what this adorable little girl’s second and third words will be. Perhaps “Wonder Woman”? No matter what, we hope that McAvoy keeps us updated.

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