This awesome dad got a bunch of celebrities to wish his son happy birthday on Twitter, and it’s the sweetest thing

We love our dads so much. We love spending time with them, showing them with gifts, and even giving them the occasional makeover while they’re sleeping. Basically, dads are the best. We also love reading stories about awesome dads. The latest superhero dad to make news is Christopher Hope-Smith, who did something awesome for his son on Twitter.

When Hope-Smith saw that his son Ollie was being bullied at school, he jumped into Dad Mode. He wanted to show Ollie that he means something. That he’s worth something. So with his son’s birthday fast approaching, Hope-Smith took to Twitter to ask celebrities to wish him a happy 9th birthday.

Hope-Smith posted his humble request on Thursday, and it quickly went viral.

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It’s cool to see a dad so dedicated to making his son feel great on his birthday. Also, it’s great to see so many people jumping on the chance to help! Ellen wished Ollie a happy birthday and shared wise words for him.

Tim Peake, an astronaut, also gave some awesome advice. Trying to aim high despite bullies can be hard, but coming from an astronaut makes it feel more powerful.

Ollie and his family are from Leeds, so the national soccer team for England offered them free tickets. What a great birthday present!

Eric Keyes, the illustrator from the Simpsons drew Ollie a special present. Talk about one of a kind!

Hope-Smith was absolutely floored by the response, and so thankful to everyone who tweeted.

It only takes a couple of seconds to send out a positive Tweet or message. It’s nice to see so many people and celebrities rally to help make a boy feel special on his birthday. No one should be made to feel like they’re worthless, and it’s great to see parents stepping up to help their kids. Happy birthday, Ollie!

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