This artist’s imaginary worlds are just the brain break we’ve been craving

We feel like our brains have been on autopilot for ages now, and we seriously need a brain break. Between the all-too-real election stress and the upcoming holiday season, we just want a pause! Luckily, art has us covered. Artist Jennifer Taylor’s beautiful imaginary worlds are seriously so calming, and just the escape we’ve been craving. Art helps reduce stress in a major way, and these stunning pieces may even inspire you to create your own stress-reducing art.

Sit back, relax, and scroll, friends.

Aren’t these just so, so stunning? They’re calming AF, too.

We wish we could just teleport to one of these amazing imaginary worlds for a break from our reality.

These are just so epic! We have so much love for this artist.

We hope you got a much-deserved brain break!

H/T Bored Panda