This artist turns your personal photos into Pixar characters

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing yourself Pixar-ified, then today’s your lucky day. Because 3-D artist Lance Phan is literally turning people into Pixar characters. Seriously — he can make your wildest cartoon character dreams come true.

Mr. Phan runs a compelling social media-based business in which he turns your selfies and snapshots into incredible Pixar-like portraits. Heck, he’s even been known to give a few pups the Pixar treatment.

Phan’s Instagram account, which has 37.3 K followers, is filled with fantastic renderings of Pixar-ified people. In the mix are starry-eyed little girls, a mustachioed man, and even an incredibly detailed wedding photo.  Basically, you are going to want to send in your own selfies and pics ASAP.

But like we said, we’re a little partial to the animated pooches. Just look how darling this one is.

If you’re interested in getting your own commissioned animation (read: us), Phan accepts formal commission requests on his website. However, they go for around $225 a piece, which (while an awesome deal for custom art) may be a little too steep for many. So for now, we’ll just admire from afar…

Now excuse us while we pick out which picture(s) we want Phan to animate for us…and then excuse us while we go look for loose change under our couches/figure out how we can justify spending $225 on this. Because we, like, REALLY WANT ONE!

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