This artist records herself creating amazing art, and the process is so strangely calming

When it comes to Instagram, we like to have a solid feed of a few things: makeup, dogs, and art. And can you blame us? Art is so good for you! Honestly, watching art as it’s being created is *so* calming, and just stumbling upon new art-in-progress on Instagram always helps us slow down and remember where we are. So when we came across this artist named Hodaya Louis, we were truly mesmerized. Hodaya’s projects are seriously so beautiful, and so bizarrely relaxing. We dig this amazing art!

Just look at this. Here, Hodaya is using nail polish to put some final touches on a killer piece. We’re so in awe.

And how incredible is this ~abstract magic~ happening?

These final products are truly mind blowing.

The use of a dropper here is just, like, woah.

We can’t look away from these prints in progress!

Watching these stripes is so calming.

And this close up is giving us all the feels.

See? We told you it was amazing! If you dig this amazing art as much as we do, you should consider making some art of your own. According to the Huffington Postcognitive research out of Germany shows that “the production of visual art improves effective interaction” between parts of the brain. Yeah, art is so intense that it actually changes how your brain works, and in a pretty darn good way.

Happy creating!