This artist creates optical illusions with your favorite Disney characters

If you’re feeling like us today, you may be in serious need of something that will make you smile. And luckily, we’ve just stumbled upon Mokhallad Habib, an artist who combines art and reality to make incredible optical illusions — and often with our favorite Disney characters (as well as a ton of other non-Disney, but still awesome, animated characters). His portfolio is featured on Deviant Art, as well as on his Facebook page. Which, lucky for us, means we can view and share these visual delights to our hearts’ content.

Here’s a taste of the playfulness and splashes of color that Habib injects into every drawing

(Warning, you will want to stare at these for a solid 20 minutes, and then stare at them more again later today):

This guy has a sense of humor, and we approve.

There’s even a dose of The Simpsons! He captures their personalities so well.

He makes optical illusions look so easy. But it’s really quite mathematical, and requires so much attention to detail and spacing.

Of course, our #1 involves the Little Mermaid. Hopefully this picture makes your day, too.


If you’re interested in checking out more of Habib’s incredible work, be sure to check out his Deviant Art page. Hey, maybe you can even throw out some requests. Happy Tuesday!

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