This Airbnb has taken Millennial pink to a whole new level

For some, pink is an aesthetic — a color that brings back the warmth of childhood or the foggy eyes of first love. Perhaps it’s the shade of a first pair of  ballet slippers, maybe it’s the color of the wall of a childhood room. For others, pink is more than just a color or aesthetic; it’s a lifestyle. Welcome to the Airbnb redefining Millennial obsession with everything rose, the Eaton House Studio in Essex is a pink lover’s dream.

Just take a look at the exterior; this is not the house for anyone who considers themselves minimalistic. The neon pink house, which has six beds and six bathrooms and can accommodate upwards of 30 guests, looks like a real life Barbie mansion, except it’s kitchier, louder and more vibrant than even Barbie could imagine. And for $2,309 a night (which is under $80 if 30 people split it) how could you not NEED to go?!

Step inside the dreamy abode and all your Instagram and Tumblr fantasies manifest in a space that’s filled with gold leafed everything, even more pink than you thought possible — and all of the rose and flower covered surfaces that you could imagine. But that’s not all; there’s violet glitter and gold fringe covered walls, an English rose-themed room with a canopy of greenery, a disco and neon themed room, a graphic black-and-white “true love” themed bathroom, and of course, a fire place surrounded by white furry furniture.

The Eaton House looks like John Waters, Marie Antionette and Venus came together to design a mansion for anyone who wanted a fantastical escape from the everyday, and who also wanted to bring their pet unicorn and flamingos along with them. Besides all of the delicious decorations, this house also has indoor and outdoor cinema screens, a courtyard, a wet room, and a digital photographic studio and equipment for hire.

Don’t mind us while we drool.

So pack your bags, and get ready. And don’t forget your camera and matching pink lipstick!