This adorable cocker spaniel is something out of our most beautiful puppy dreams

We heart Instagram for so many reasons, but by far our favorite reason is that we just love the dogs of Instagram. Like, seriously, some dogs of Instagram are SO FAMOUS they have more followers than we ever will. But, like, we’re not jealous. We’re *thrilled* to have so many cuties to scroll though! And this adorable cocker spaniel named Winnie is giving us all the warm-and-fuzzy feels right now.

When it comes to animals to follow on Instagram, this pup should definitely be on your list!

This adorable cocker spaniel is seriously the CUTEST thing we’ve ever seen. Just look at her!

Based in Leeds, UK, this cutie is seriously giving us all the feels. How sweet is she?

Winnie is quite literally the dog of our dreams. We have to get a cocker spaniel like ASAP.

This tiny ball of fur is basically all the convincing we need to make our dog dreams come true. Winter would be so much sweeter with a pal like this one to cuddle with!

Oh, dogs of Instagram. How you own our hearts!