This actual band of chickens makes some…interesting music

We’ve heard of a flock of birds, but what about a band of birds…specifically, chickens? A brood (the actual term for a group of chickens) in Germantown, Maryland, are mystifying and entrancing the world with their musical… um, talent?

In a series of Facebook videos, the chickens “play” instruments amid vocal performances with plenty of clucking.

People can’t stop watching: The videos are attracting thousands of views from awed folks who, like us, are sucked in by something as random, bizarre, and weirdly adorable as a musical band of chickens happily pecking and playing away.

“They naturally peck and we wanted to come up with boredom busters for them, coop co-owner Shannon Myers told HuffPo, “People who keep chickens, especially in winter, are looking for boredom busters to keep them entertained while they are cooped up.

No word on an upcoming record deal for the group, who use the moniker “The Flockstars,” but we have a feeling the birds are standing (or strutting) at the cusp of true musical greatness.

Don’t give up on your dreams, little chickens.