This 75-year-old widower’s online ad for a fishing buddy went viral, and he’ll never be without a friend again

These days, it’s as important as ever that we’re able to connect to those who need it. In times like these when so many of us are stressed out or overwhelmed by the news, companionship provides the warmth we all require as human beings. That’s why Ray Johnstone’s heartwarming story of how he sought out his own kind of companionship has gone so viral, with a beautiful ending to the story.

The 75-year-old widow was looking for someone to spend time with. Since the passing of his wife and best friend, he’s spent a lot more time alone than usual, and that wasn’t exactly keeping his spirits up. So Ray turned to social media to find someone to go fishing with — and didn’t expect the overwhelming response.

At first, he posted the question to Facebook, but didn’t get much of a response.

But then, he posted the following to Gumtree, all caps and everything.

My Name is Ray Johnstone Australian Im A Widowed Pensioner who is Looking For A Fishing Mate my previous fishing mate is now deceaced I am a Land Based Fisherman I have all the gear for all types of Fish that is required for Land Based Fishing WHAT I WANT IS A FISHING MATE IN A SIMILAR POSITION TO MYSELF WHO ALSO WANTS SOMEONE TO GO FISHING WITH I AM WILLING TO SHARE ALL COSTS EG> PETROL BAIT AND SHOULD YOU HAPPEN TO OWN A BOAT WILLING TO PAY ALL RAMP FEES BUT HAPPY IF YOU ARE ALSO A LAND BASED FISHERMAN IF INTERESTED CONTACT ME...

Ray’s post soon went viral (it’s been viewed over 82,000 times!).

Ray told The Advertiser,

"My phone has been going non-stop...I didn't expect this's amazing."

It could be that viewers found his post so earnest and refreshing, and that’s why so many have responded positively to that honesty. And the best part — Ray has a new fishing partner!

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