This 5-year-old girl narrated her mom’s makeup tutorial, and it’s unbelievably charming

Normally we’d go with a natural, bare-faced look before taking makeup application tips from a kid, but we have to make an exception for this 5-year-old girl who narrated her mom’s makeup tutorial with all the charm and sophistication of a seasoned cosmetics connoisseur.

According to Refinery 29, Atlanta-based beauty blogger Ellarie (who you should totally follow on Instagram) enlisted her daughter (who’s adorably nicknamed Yoshidoll) to help to provide voiceovers for her latest tutorial. While her carefully curated makeup tips didn’t make us laugh-cry like the dad who narrated his daughter’s makeup video, we did find ourselves awwing and taking notes at the same time because Yoshidoll seriously knows her stuff.

Ugh, this little girl has so much sass that we can’t even handle it! Her upbeat personality perfectly complements the electric blue smokey eye look her mom demonstrates in the video.

When she greeted viewers with an enthusiastic, “Hey guys!” we were officially convinced that this would be the most fierce smokey eye we’ve ever seen. As her mom begins the application, Yoshidoll chimes in with her helpful tips, adorably informing us not to be too heavy-handed when applying the black shadow in the crease because “black is a crazy color” that’s actually “very delicate.”

LOL. How cute is this kid? Also, where was she when we tried and failed to do our own makeup back in the day? We’re not even joking because Yoshidoll can do makeup just as well as she does voiceovers.

What a sweetheart. Even if smokey eyes are too dramatic for your personal tastes, Yoshidoll’s whimsical commentary makes this video required viewing.