This 4 year old’s cover of ‘Tale As Old As Time’ is the perfect ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tribute

My new favorite Claire is 4-year-old Claire Ryann, who just released possibly the most adorable cover of “Tale As Old As Time,” rendition of a Disney song in music history — and it’s just in time for the hype around the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast film starring Emma Watson.

Ryann, who is popular on YouTube with her family (Claire and the Crosbys) for her covers of songs from The Little Mermaid and Tangled, went all in on her cover of “Tale As Old As Time.” She appears in a gorgeous pint-sized ballgown, in a majestic ballroom, as her lovely voice sings the iconic number. Meanwhile, her mom and dad dance and play music as Belle and the Beast, and her cute 2-year-old brother Carson runs around as Chip.

And it’s truly a family affair. The video was filmed at Spokane, Washington’s Davenport Hotel, which Claire’s great-grandfather renovated in 2002. He preserved the original ballroom, though, which was built way back in 1908.

Claire’ dad Dave shared such a cute story with Babbel about how the video was made.“I was going to dress as a beast, but Claire insisted that would be too scary, so I went with the human beast version. We wanted Claire and Carson to look like Mrs. Potts and Chip, but we wanted it to feel eloquent and fancy,” he said. 

Altogether, the video is worthy of Taylor Swift circa 2008. Keep making us Claires look good, Claire Ryann.