This 2008 interview with teen Taylor Swift is making us feel so old

There are few things that make us feel as nostalgic as throwback T. Swift. In this 2008 interview with Taylor Swift, we flashback to the era of her long blonde curls and classic hits like “Picture To Burn,” “Tim McGraw,” and “Teardrops on My Guitar.” In this retro clip as Venus Embrace’s Goddess of Summer, Taylor reflects on her budding music career and yes, graduating from high school.

Although Taylor Swift was celebrating her first Number 1 album at the time, young Tay couldn’t help but gush about finishing her senior year. “It feels really awesome to be a recent high school graduate. I think I had the best senior year ever,” she says in the clip from 2008. “I never expected my senior year to be as fun as it was or as interesting as it was. I didn’t go to any football games but I played a lot of concerts.”

Not only was Taylor beginning to amp up her promotional appearances, but she also had just scored the gig as Goddess of Summer. She explains, “Venus Embrace razors named me Goddess of Summer and I’m really excited about it. It’s very flattering and I appreciate it… They’re my favorite razors anyway so it’s really cool that they contacted me. I absolutely love the razor. It’s incredible.” Ya know, touring the country and landing spokesperson gigs as a high school senior, no big deal.

We have all the feels! This throwback interview is a fun reminder that before the posh wardrobe or rolodex of A-list BFFs, Taylor Swift was just a starry eyed songwriter who was endlessly working to create great music. When talking about her career milestones, Taylor had a lot to say. “We had five singles off this first album, which is a lot and so we’re going to actually roll on to the next album which is coming out in the fall and I’m so excited about it.”

“I’ve written everything and I’m co-producing it too so I’m very excited for people to hear it,” she proudly added. That album ended up being the hugely successful Fearless. And we all know how the story goes from there; The rest is T. Swift history.

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