This 1992 MAC makeup tutorial proves that some beauty looks just never go out of style

When a beauty look is truly iconic, it will last through the end of time. You can look at the makeup looks Elizabeth Taylor frequently wore and know that if you did it today, you’d look just as glamorous as she did. Same goes for this amazing retro video of a 1992 MAC Makeup tutorial that is making its way around the internet. It’s crazy to think that the tutorial looks similar to how beauty junkies are doing their makeup these days, proving that a good look never goes out of style! And apparently, neither does MAC Cosmetics. There’s a reason we’ve loved them since we were old enough to get our little mitts on makeup. They’re a treasure for the ages!

Reddit user LadyFirebolt found a VHS tape of her mother’s friend, makeup artist Jane McKay, doing a makeup tutorial on a model. She knew that beauty lovers would want to take a peek!


The first step — McKay outlines — is to apply foundation and powder. She says we should think of foundation as skincare and give yourself time to test multiple different shades before picking out the right one.


Next, she applies eye shadow, stating that it can enhance your eyes and minimize imperfections by shading and highlighting. Sound familiar?


We’re so glad to see that even then, you can’t underestimate the importance of blending your shadows!


Eyebrows! Important then, important now! After brushing them with a spoolie, she applies brow powder with a brush, giving them a nice, bold appearance.


This eyeliner shot really took me back — it’s exactly how I did mine back in middle school, down to the same brush and cream liner!


Mascara, of course!


She goes with a powder blush, which was all anyone used then and it’s still beloved these days, despite all our blush options. She states the importance of shaping your cheekbone, just like we do when we contour!


Time for some lip liner!


And then she applies lipstick with a lip pencil, which as we know to this day is the most precise way to get it on!


Here’s her completed, casual look! Looks absolutely lovely and like she could be walking down the street today!


But wait, there’s more! McKay goes ahead and adds a little “glam” to the look by throwing on darker eyeshadows to accentuate the crease, even more, giving her a more dramatic look. She even adds falsies and a highlighting shadow to the model’s browbone before darkening her lipstick!


And voila! The look goes from day-to-night. And, honestly, it still looks up-to-date and stylish.

Watch all the retro goodness here for yourselves!

Isn’t it such a trip to watch these old beauty vids? Thank goodness for Reddit (sometimes). We’ll never get tired of watching all the different tips and tricks that women have used throughout the ages to get themselves looking and feeling as fierce as they want!

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