This 11-year-old wrote an incredible rap to confront his bully

It’s a situation that many of us have dealt with before — bullying. But one 11-year-old handled his less-than-ideal circumstance in a genius way. He wrote a rap to confront his bully and enlisted the help of YouTuber Mac Lethal to help it spread.

The boy, named Isaac, made it clear that him and his bully, Thomas, started out as friends. But obviously, the situation soon changed. Since he was too shy to approach the bully himself, he was able to say everything he wanted to in a pretty catchy way.

Isaac was being bullied every day for the last two years. Here are his prolific words about the situation, courtesy of Mac Lethal.

The video already has well over 415k views. According to the song, both kids used to be pretty close — they swam and played video games, but one day the friendship took a turn. Isaac’s song notes that Thomas had gotten physical, and started picking on him for not knowing his father.

“I’m different, I know that I’m different, but I still care about you and our friendship,” Mac Lethal rapped.

We think it’s so brave for Isaac to express himself through song. And what a song it is!

While we’re not sure if Isaac and Thomas have made amends, we do know that Isaac has a ton of talent, as well as a huge heart. His approach was kind, real, and genuine. In fact, it’s an anthem that all bullies should listen to — since it’s important to know that every negative action has the potential of hurting someone’s feelings.

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