This 10-year-old invented a device to help prevent heat stroke in babies

It doesn’t matter how old you are — when you have a good idea, you can end up saving lives. One of the best ideas we’ve heard recently came from a 10-year-old boy from Texas who found a way to prevent heat stroke in babies. All the yes.

Heat stroke is a scary condition where your body temperature rapidly elevates. According to MedicineNet, it’s often accompanied by dehydration and can be deadly. Babies can suffer from heat stroke by being outside in overly hot weather. And now that it’s summer, we can expect heatwaves often.

Bishop Curry V, the young inventor of the product, came up with the idea after a baby in his neighborhood sadly passed away from the condition when she was in a hot minivan.

The device attaches to a car seat and detects if a baby is inside. If so, it blows cold air and alerts parents and authorities. The item is already patented. Who knows how many lives  this will save if it reaches stores?


Of course, the Curry family isn’t doing this alone. They’re crowdfunding to help make this exceptional invention available to all, and have already raised more than $28,000.

We’re so impressed with this kid, and wish him the best in making his monumental, life-saving device.