20 Steamy ‘Bridgerton’ Tweets About Simon the Duke That Explain Everyone’s Thirst

We're really big fans, Your Grace.

We’ll admit, much of the appeal of Bridgerton is the lust factor of the characters. When Netflix took care of the casting of the show, they really nailed it with a lot of attractive people. The lead, though, a Mr. Simon Basset, better known as the Duke of Hastings, is just one fine specimen of a man that we’d like to discuss.

The character is portrayed by Regé-Jean Page, who, before this role, was a relatively small-time British actor. Now, though, he’s got the entire world ready to fall at his feet and call him “Your Grace,” thanks to his smirks, his smiles, his hands, and his sexual prowess on screen.

Bridgerton has been getting people hot and bothered since it dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day, and Twitter has been flooded with thoughts and feelings. Some are simply praising the beauty of the Regency-style show, some are highlighting the orchestral music, but many are just keyboard-smashing how much they love staring at Page’s face.

Considering we share many of the same thoughts as these lovely people on social media, we decided to get in on the action and share some of our favorite tweets people have posted about Page and his character, the Duke. There might be some light spoilers ahead, but we’re guessing that if you’re here, you’ve definitely watched the show already.

A *lot* of people have feelings about that spoon. And honestly same.

Many people seem to just be constantly fanning themselves while watching Page on the screen, and once again, same.

There are also a dedicated group of people who are only watching Bridgerton for Page’s Duke, but we would like to gently suggest they pay attention to all the characters! But the Duke’s eyes … and his smile … and the way he wears those gorgeous jackets …

And then there are, of course, those who just want to throw themselves at the Duke. And you know what? Maybe same.

Whew, we might be sweating a little bit after all that. Can we kindly request a Season 2 sooner rather than later? We need more of the Duke of Hastings in our lives!

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