THINX released a reusable tampon applicator, so three cheers for Mother Earth

That time of the month can be really inconvenient. Bleeding, cramps, weird symptoms—almost none of it is fun. And at the same time, it’s also inconvenient for the environment, considering the amount of waste that’s created through the use of pads and tampons. If you’re not quite ready to use a menstrual cup but still want to be environmentally friendly, THINX (the same brand that brought us period undies) is coming to the rescue.

THINX has officially launched re.t.a, an FDA-approved reusable tampon applicator. It’s pretty simple—all you have to do is purchase tampons that don’t have disposable applicators, load the tampon into the reusable THINX applicator, and then insert as you normally would. It’s tiny, and it helps cut down on plastic waste.

“Like our reusable underwear, re.t.a can help you create a more sustainable and intentional period care routine—it’s designed with medical-grade materials (not made with BPA or natural rubber latex),” the product’s description says on the THINX site. “Plus, it means you don’t put plastic waste into the environment every time you use a tampon!”

The applicator is less than four inches long, which means it’s super easy to slip in your bag before you leave the house, and it comes with cleaning and handling instructions in the package. Interested? You can now purchase re.t.a on the THINX website for $60, and say goodbye to disposable applicators forever.

Saving the planet ain’t easy, but this is just one way you can contribute. Don’t we all owe it to Mother Earth?