This short documentary about periods is a must-watch for anyone with a uterus

There aren’t that many fun things about having a period. Sure, they serve as nature’s pregnancy test; and yes, they’re a not-so-subtle reminder that we’re capable of growing tiny humans inside of our bodies. But still, menstruation isn’t exactly something we’d call enjoyable. More often than not, periods are just a bloody nuisance.

Lucky for us, Thinx is one of many brands hoping to change the way we look at periods — and their latest venture might just be our favorite. For those unfamiliar, Thinx gained massive media attention earlier this year for their period panties’ “controversial” subway ads. Many people were outraged by the ads, but across the board, the message was clear: Tons of humans menstruate, and it’s about time we stop stigmatizing it.

In order to help promote this message, Thinx has released a short, 15-minute documentary all about periods — and we’re totally in love. Appropriately called The Week, the video features Thinx’s CEO Miki Agrawal and a variety of awesome women, all sharing stories about bleeding from their vaginas once a month. (Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge how weird and incredible the human body is.)

After a brief introduction featuring a variety of awkward period stories, the video delves deep into what, exactly, causes menstruation in the first place. From there, Agrawal and friends tackle the shame and embarrassment women are taught to feel about their periods from a young age; along with the historical roots of period taboo. Agrawal then offers a few tips for how we can fight menstruation stigma in our daily life, and why it matters on a global scale.

While the documentary has already been around for about a month, we think it has a super important message and deserves a signal boost. Plus, it features a few of our favorite women, including Sophia Bush and Joy Bryant. While mostly targeted at cisgendered women, we think anyone with a uterus should definitely give it a watch.

(Image via video.)

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