Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good on March 9th, 2014

Can you imagine the ripple effect of thousands of people all doing good deeds on a single day? Shari Arison envisions this and more for Good Deeds Day which kicks off in Times Square in New York City this March 9th, 2014 as she collaborates with ABC News Network Studios and leading nonprofits. If you’re in the area and you’d like to take part in doing good, Arison has arranged for a bus to pick you up and take you out to sites where you can perform good deeds as a volunteer.

This sounds totally crazy, right? Good. Because these days, the “normal” thing to do is to mind your own business and not get involved in the lives of others. But we can’t all afford to live that way. There are people who need to connect with others and nourish the human experience, and one of the only ways this can happen is through volunteer work and also through good deeds that you can practice every day.

If you require further incentive, there is good news. The Good Deeds Day site has a link (this one here, go ahead and click it) where you can sign up to receive a free accessory for good deeds. On that same page you can also discover how to organize your own volunteering activity or join one.

Good Deeds Day is a global annual event that has seen over 250,000 participants in Israel alone two years ago. The activities that people have participated in include painting homes for the elderly, cleaning up beaches and parks, renovating community centers, and creating public gardens (

The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t live in New York and cannot get to Times Square in time for Good Deeds Day. However, I will do my part here by donating food and clothing to needy families in my community as well as by doing helpful things for those who need me at work, even if it’s not my in my job description.

And if you can’t make it either, you can choose to think good, speak good, and do good every day in order to effect positive change in others, even if it happens in a small way. Those uplifting things you do for others amplify as soon as you put them out there by making someone feel good.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of Good Deeds Day as it was celebrated last year.

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