6 things every woman should know about period underwear

Period underwear may sound weird to those of us who have never had any experience with them. You might be thinking, Bleeding into my panties?! Omg, no. Don’t worry, though, it’s not gross. There is some seriously incredible technology out there that provides us with wearable, comfy panties that absorb liquid, seal in odors and keep us dry. They’re also super easy to clean, ultra comfortable, and, in general, very functional undergarments. It’s no surprise that period underwear is becoming one of the hottest menstrual health topics out there. Women are totally loving what they have to offer.

HelloGiggles spoke with Joanna Griffiths, the founder of Knix Wear, a company that creates and sells a variety of leak-proof, moisture-wicking underwear. Each pair of panties features a patented technology that can hold in 1-3 teaspoons of liquid. “Depending on how heavy your period is, [they’re] really great for the lighter days,” she says, and they can always function as a panty liner if you’re using a tampon or menstrual cup on your heavier days.

Griffiths gave us the inside scoop about Knix Wear and why period panties are becoming so popular. “It’s not what you think that it is,” she says in reference to those who are still cynical about the idea. Before you go try them for yourself, here are six things you need to know about period underwear.

1. They’re a great way to be more environmentally friendly

Every year, the average American woman tosses out about seven pounds of menstrual hygiene products. That equals to about 700 million pounds every year of products thrown out, never to be used again. That’s a lot of waste. If you start using period underwear, you technically never have to purchase panty liners again. You will also have to use fewer tampons. And just like that, your carbon footprint reduces and you can rest easy that you’re putting less strain on Mother Earth.

2. When you buy them you’re most likely supporting women-owned businesses


Period underwear companies exist because it was women who stepped up to the plate and realized that there are better ways to take care of our menstrual hygiene. Women like Joanna Griffiths and Miki Agrawal of Thinx, another successful period underwear company, are powerhouse entrepreneurs who are combining a keen business sense with groundbreaking innovation — all of which is wrapped up in the desire to improve women’s lives.

3. They’re actually really, really cute

Gone are the days when period underwear were like stifling diapers we were afraid to be seen in. No, period panties these days are oh-so-cute. Griffiths tells HelloGiggles that panties are “the first thing you put on and last thing you take off.” So they should be something you love wearing, something you feel beautiful in.

As a result, she has designed a wide range of underwear to suit many different tastes. You can find lacy boyshorts, high rise cuts, simple thongs, or athletic bikinis. There are also different colors to choose from. Shopping for period underwear is just as fun as it is to browse through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue now. You no longer have to sacrifice looks for functionality.

4. There are always new and improved models coming out, so keep up!

Period underwear is “kind of like the iPhone,” jokes Griffiths, in the sense that they’re always working on the next model. She says Knix Wear is constantly pushing themselves to innovate while also listening to their customers and seeing what they’re looking for in the product. This summer they’re releasing some new undies, this time three times more absorbent than what they’ve currently got. We can’t wait.

In order to keep up with all the breakthroughs, follow companies like Knix Wear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You’ll be the first to know when something new is about to be released.

5. They don’t have to break your bank

Before we die, we’ll have spent over $1,700 worth of tampons and $443 of panty liners. By investing in period panties, you’ll probably already save yourself some money on menstrual hygiene products, because you don’t throw your cute undies away after you bleed into them. You wash them and they’re ready to go once again.

Plus, there are ways to save money on your period underwear. Knix Wear has recently made available a new subscription service called Club Knix, which sends you one pair of undies a month. Subscribe to six months, three months, or opt in for a month-to-month deal. You could pay as little as $18 a month for a new pair of panties at your doorstep every four weeks. Um, yes please. Choose your size (which ranges from XS to XXL) and style, then pick which technology you want (moisture-wicking and quick-dry, or patented built-in panty liner). Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh?

Thinx also gives you a chance to save some cash. By purchasing a set of three, five, or seven pairs (mix and match however you’d like) on their website, you keep your wallet happy.

6. You can wear them even when you’re not on your period

Griffiths tells Hello Giggles that she often meets women who don their Knix Wear for all sorts of reasons — even when they’re not menstruating. She says they double as a great everyday panty and they’re also the go-to for many women when they’re active. Because the “entire body of the fabric is moisture wicking,” Knix Wear is a fantastic option for sports, fitness, and yoga. In fact, they supply to many equestrian stores. (If they hold up with those tight white pants, you know they’re good.) We imagine that moisture wicking feature would do us some real good as we move into our denim cutoffs and those hot, bright summer days.

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