Things we NEED to happen at the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reunion

Gilmore Girls is such a special show. It’s easy to pit mother and teenage daughter characters against each other, but Lorelai and Rory are the opposite of enemies. They’re best friends! Through the mother-daughter duo the show celebrates the oh-so-special bond girls and their mothers can have. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you laugh-cry, all in an episode’s allotted 43 minutes. Which is why we’re so excited there’s going to be a Gilmore Girls reunion!

Lauren Graham’s reaction: “There’ll be coffee, right?”

Mark your calendars for the first week of June 2015, because Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Amy Sherman-Palladino (known from here on out as AS-P) are going to make our hearts smile with Gilmore glee. The trio is reuniting on stage at the ATX Television Festival for the first time since the show’s last episode in 2007. And it had better be livestreamed.

AS-P said in a statement, “So after years of peace and quiet these lunatics have chosen to get the chattiest chicks in the world back under one roof? Really? Okay. You asked for it.” We sure did.

The reunion isn’t for a few months, but that just means they have plenty of time to prep amazingly special things for us, right? In anticipation of all things Gilmore, here are some small demands we have for this most historic of reunions.

Some good old fashioned outtalking

If there’s one thing this show is known for, it’s that snap-quick, ultra-witty dialogue. Lorelai and Rory are on another level of communication. They practically speak their own language, a language invented by AS-P. Getting the three ladies in a room together will surely be fast and furious; I hope I can keep up.

Validation of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship

Yes they kissed, and yes everything ended as it should — drinking coffee at Luke’s Diner — but are they actually together? A simple “yes” will suffice.

For the whole gang to show up

The three ladies are the only ones on the bill right now, but our fingers are crossed so tight that more of the Stars Hollow clan will show. They have to, right? This is a BIG deal. I don’t even care who shows, as long as it includes Sookie. And Luke. And Lane. And Paris. And Michel. And . . .

AS-P announcing she’s re-writing and fixing the seventh season

Just in case you live under a rock with a strict a Gilmore Girls embargo, AS-P left the show before its final season and did not write a lick of it. Because of this, many Gilmore Girls fans more or less pretend the seventh season didn’t exist. Maybe she’s striking a deal with Netflix to create an exclusive seventh season, a la Arrested Development? Yes, we’d very much like to start that rumor.

AS-P to announce she’s writing a movie

It’s one of the most asked interview questions of the Gilmore Girls family: “Will there be a Gilmore Girls movie?” AS-P has said countless times she’s never ruled it out, and Lauren Graham has said she would love to revisit Lorelai. This reunion seems like the best platform to make an announcement this huge.

The boys

Yes, we love Gilmore Girls because of its humor, portrayal of female relationships, etc. But you know what else they nail? Boys. The men of Stars Hollow were, in a word, foine. Dean, Jess, Logan (I went in chronological order so nobody could even start with me), Luke, Christopher, Tristan, Dave, Mr. Medina . . . I humbly demand that they all show up to this reunion. They have plenty of advance notice. Can we create a Gentlemen of Stars Hollow calendar? Kirk can be Mr. December.

The presence of Paul Anka

It wouldn’t be a true Gilmore Girls reunion without one of TV’s most lovable (and well-named) pups. He doesn’t need to do much, it just feels right to have him sitting on a couch with his head in Lauren Graham’s lap.

Speaking of dogs, there need to be poodles


The final four words

AS-P once famously stated, before she left, that she already knew the four words that were going to close the show. So . . . WHAT ARE THOSE FOUR WORDS? Out with it, Sherman-Palladino! Any chance it’s “la la laah la”? (Or “There’ll be coffee, right?”)

Fun fact: My college roommate and I named our wifi network Stars Hollow. The password was Sookie. Deal with it.

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