Things we want: A visor that doesn’t make us look like grandma

It goes without saying: Sun protection is KEY. And while it definitely is key year-round, we get even more picky and cautious about those harmful rays in the sun. Yes, we douse ourselves in sunscreen. But, uh, you do know you have to apply that stuff 20-30 minutes BEFORE you go in the sun, and then reapply every two hours.

We don’t know about you, but the last time we saw someone boldly rocking a visor, it was our grandmother (and, yeah, she owned it), but guess what — these sun-protecting accessories have actually gotten really cute. Right now we’re crushing hard on the following: Pink Party Visor, $10


Kate Spade Mini Packable Visor, $68


Forever 21 ‘Merica Wide Brim Visor, $14.90


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