5 things to know about injured Olympic luger Emily Sweeney

We’ve all been glued to our television sets watching the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and we were super worried when we heard about Emily Sweeney’s luge crash. Even though the athletes are all professionals, accidents do happen — and the Olympics mean they happen on live television.

The crash occurred during Sweeney’s final run, coming out of Curve 9. Sweeney was eventually able to stand and walk away from the track on her own, but fans were still stunned over what happened. Currently, she’s in the hospital for a thorough check, and we hope everything is okay.

While Sweeney’s crash was tough to watch, it made us want to learn everything we could about the Olympian.

It turns out there’s more than one luger in the family — her sister, Megan, also competes in the sport. The two had to compete against each other to qualify for the  2010 Winter Olympics team, and unfortunately, Emily Sweeney didn’t make it that year. She missed out on a spot during the 2014 Sochi Olympics as well, making this the first time she was set to compete in the worldwide event.

Here’s what else we know about Emily Sweeney.

1She lost to her sister by two-tenths of a second before the 2010 Olympics.

While it seems like a devastating loss, the two have been nothing but supportive of each other. According to the Hartford Courant, Megan actually inspired Emily to try the sport, with Megan saying, “she’s my baby sister, but she’s way more mature than I am.”

2She’s a member of the National Guard.

Sweeney is disciplined. After her grandfather told her a few stories about his time in the Navy, Sweeney decided to join the National Guard in 2012.

3She’s has a ton of World Cup medals.

Even though her first run at the Olympics may not have gone the way she planned, she’s not lacking in accomplishments. She’s currently has a World Cup gold medal, and two World Cup silver medals. She won her gold this past November.

4She’s a fan of Taylor Swift.

We’re wondering if she listened to Reputation while training for the big games. (Wouldn’t you?) Maybe Swift can even give her a shoutout! (Hint, hint).

5She loves nature.

In a calming Instagram photo from back in October, Sweeney wrote that “mountains + lakes + sunshine” is what recharges her.

Not much is known about Emily Sweeney’s net worth, though it doesn’t look as though she has any current big endorsements. And regardless of her crash, we think it’s obvious that Sweeney is one accomplished athlete. Medal or not, she’s a champion in our book.