11 things you can add to your water bottle that your body will love you for

There’s a good chance you probably don’t drink enough water, and we totally get it: Plain water is about the most boring thing on the planet to a lot of people, so drinking a ton of it can be so snoozy. But you’ve gotta fill up that water bottle in order to stay hydrated, and the good news is, there are plenty of things you can add to your water bottle that will make regular ‘ol H2O taste truly delicious.

We know, it’s annoying that we’re trying to remind you to drink more water, but it’s crucial for your overall health to drink enough of the stuff, even if you truly dislike it.

These easy add-ins will help you drink more water

You’ll honestly be asking yourself why you’d even drink anything else. Kiss that soda habit farewell for good, friends.

1Lemon wedges


Those lemon wedges you get in your drink at a restaurant are more than just a pretty garnish to ~fancy up~ your beverage. Lemon water is seriously good for you, and health experts have long touted the benefits of lemon water, due to the high vitamin C content that helps boost your immune system, aids with digestive woes, and even help clears your skin. Plus it tastes super refreshing, making plain water somehow feel totally luxurious.

2Lime wedges


Similarly, adding a hint of lime to your agua ups the ante on your daily hydration levels. There are tons of benefits of lime water, and they all have to do with those glorious antioxidants. Lime is a natural source of potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and D, calcium, and magnesium, which have been known to promote skin health, digestive health, helps fight infections, and even helps lower blood sugar. Truly amazing.



There are endless benefits to adding some ginger root to your water bottle aside from the spicy, fragrant smell. Ginger is well-known as a remedy for nausea and digestive ailments, plus it’s also believed to help decrease inflammation, joint swelling and pain…who knew? You can simply grate some and add it into your plain water, or boil it with water and steep it like a tea, which is perfect for days when your tummy is not feeling too well.

4Cucumber slices


Adding cucumber slices to your water will instantly make you feel fancy AF, but there are way more reasons to add the green slices to your water bottle that have nothing to do with pretending you’re at a spa. Cucumber contains silica, a trace mineral that helps keep your muscles healthy, so it’s perfect post-workout. It’s also great for your skin, helping to reduce inflammation and puffiness, which is great for when you would really like to take a spa day, but like, who actually has time for that?



Aside from being your favorite sweet summer treat, watermelon is a delicious way to boost up your plain water. It’s loaded in vitamins, plus it just tastes so good.

6Kiwi slices


Adding a few kiwi slices to your water will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island vacation, even if you’re just slogging through that mid-afternoon marketing meeting. Kiwi is a superfood rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, and it also has plenty of fiber, which is what fuels your body and gives you the energy you need to tackle your day. You might never have thought to infuse your water with the New Zealand staple, but trust us: You’ll be so glad you did.

7Crushed berries


Adding muddled berries to your water bottle is the quickest (and tastiest) way to elevate your H2O from ho-hum to hello. You can add an assortment of berries, including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, or pick your favorite. Regardless of what you pick, berries are a rich source of antioxidants, which help quiet inflammation, fight aging, and help clear your skin. Plus you can pretend you’re enjoying a super fancy cocktail, minus the next-day hangover.

8Cinnamon sticks


It might sound odd to add cinnamon to your water, but hear us out: Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices ever, and adding it to your water bottle is a serious game-changer for your health. Cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and even helps reduce your risk for heart disease. It tastes incredible in your tea and coffee, so why not add it to your water, too?

9Orange slices


We’ve already gone on and on about the benefits of adding citrus fruit, like oranges, to your water, so you know the deal: Oranges are loaded in vitamins, including that immune-boosting vitamin C, so adding it to your diet can help you ward off illness, which is what we all need during cold and flu season, right? It’s also truly one of the most refreshing ways to stay hydrated, so all we can say is: Orange you glad you started sipping orange-infused water?

10Natural juices


If all these infusions haven’t quite yet convinced you to hit the produce aisle, may we suggest adding natural juices, like cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and apple juice, to give your body a hit of vitamins and antioxidants it might seriously need. Just make sure you go for the straight juice without any added sugars, so you can sip without spiking your blood sugar levels.



Besides tasting seriously refreshing, spiking your water with grapefruit is an excellent way to get tons of nutrients like fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C and choline into your diet, without much added sugar. These nutrients are great for your heart, your digestive system, and your skin, so get slicing for loads of bangin’ body benefits ASAP.

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