All the things only short girls understand

If you’re roughly 5′ 2″ or shorter, you’re an official short girl — and you probably are reminded of that status every single day. Why? Because we’re short ladies living in a average-heighted world . . . and we see things from a different perspective (literally).

Being short is something that can be really annoying as a kid, but after a while, you start to realize it’s pretty awesome, and it’s one of the things that makes you “you.” As a 4′ 10.5″ lady, I can’t imagine being any other way! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some majorly annoying things about being a short girl . . . as well as some pretty sweet things, too. Let’s talk.

You CLING onto half inches.

You may have noticed that I cited my height above as 4′ 10.5″. That half-inch is important. I worked for that half-inch.

If you ever drive anyone else’s car, you have to set aside several minutes to adjust the seat. 

You sit in the driver’s seat, and you’re a mile away from the steering wheel. You push your seat forward, but your eyes can barely see above the dash, and it feels like it takes forever to make your seat rise high enough. But then you feel like your feet are too far away from the steering wheel . . . WHAT IS THE SOLUTION HERE.

Group hugs are all kinds of awkward.

Hey, hugs are great. I love them. I’m not a monster. But group hugs? For a short person, that’s essentially having your face pressed into several chests all at the same time. And you try to turn your face away from one friend’s boobs only to accidentally stick your nose in another friend’s armpit.

Love you guys, but let’s do singular hugs, thanks.

Your favorite pair of jeans is worth its weight in gold.

Finding jeans can be hard for any girl. If you find a pair that fits right in the butt area, they might be too tight or loose around the waist. But for short girls, there’s a whole new layer to the madness. Unless you find the rare “short” sizes, jeans will ALWAYS be too long. Sure, you could take them to get them hemmed, but ain’t nobody got time for that. So when you do find those precious jeans that fit you in all the right places AND don’t bunch up like crazy at the bottom, you keep ahold of those babies and treat them right.

But that’s not to say that shopping isn’t awesome, because hellooooo kids’ section!

You probably remember that fateful day when you were frustrated and angry over the serious lack of clothes that fit your short stature . . . and then, magically, you discovered the kids’ section. What was previously a forbidden world, was instantly transformed into the closet of your dreams.

Seriously, everything in the kids’ section is SO MUCH CHEAPER. I bought a fabulous silver winter coat for $17! Sure, it was meant for little girls but it fits me perfectly, it’s gorgeous, and my wallet is so much better off. Plus, have you SEEN kids’ clothes lately? So much style in such little garments!

You sometimes literally have to jump on counters to reach things on the highest shelf of the pantry.

Short girls must work for their supper. We have learned this the hard way. Reeeeeeeach!

. . . unless your tall buds are around, of course.

“Hello, tall friend, can you do me a favor? Yes, it involves getting something for me that’s out of my reach. Yes, I’m totally using you for your height. Love you.”

And going on a walk with tall people is pretty much the equivalent of jogging.

You don’t realize how small your steps are until you’re taking three of them for every one tall-person step. It actually feels like you’re jogging to keep up. Our little legs are mighty, because we get a legitimate accidental workout on the regular.

“You’re not short, you’re fun-sized!” is said on the daily.

Yes, the first time we heard it (in elementary school), it was cute. But we’ve heard it a million and one times by now. And every single time it’s spoken, the person says it like they’re the first person to ever come up with it. PLEASE, STOP.

An exception to this rule: A beloved elderly relative telling us lovingly that, “good things come in small packages.” That will always be adorable, IMHO.

Another normal thing people say: “Whoa. You’re SO short.”

And you’re SOOO observant.

People also regularly use you as an armrest.

Our heads / shoulders are generally at the perfect level to be a pretty legit armrest for others. When BFFs do this, we begrudgingly accept it. But WHY do acquaintances think this is fine? Like, dude, your arm could be totally gross, for all we know. We understand the urge to lean against us and take a load off, but c’mon.

But despite all that, being short is pretty rad.

By this time, we’ve gotten used to our height, and we love it. Short girls unite!

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