Things we really want to see in the 5th midseason finale of ‘The Walking Dead’

As usual, a lot is going on in The Walking Dead. Rick’s crew is currently keeping some of Dawn’s cops hostage (or at least trying to, *ahem* SASHA), Beth is in Grady Memorial Hospital with a conked out Carol, and Maggie and Glen are with Abraham and friends. And A LOT has happened. Mainly, everyone escaped the carnivorous Terminus thanks to Carol, Bob’s leg was snacked on by the remaining Termini, there was a massacre at Gabriel’s church, Beth woke up in a hospital that runs kind of like a prison, and we met Dawn who isn’t totally evil, but isn’t totally NOT evil. Basically, things are gonna get REAL.

TWD’s executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd, revealed to Yahoo TV that it’s probably going to be an emotional episode. “I think I’m most excited by the fact that absolutely unexpected things are going to happen,” she said. “But after sans events the fans are going to go, ‘Oh my god I didn’t see that coming!’ It really will make sense once you see it. There is a lot that is completely unexpected and surprising.’” When asked if we should have a box of tissues at the ready, Hurd replied, “I would say that would be a healthy and wise investment.”

Well. That settles it. Someone is probably going to die. Here are 7 things we really want to see unravel tonight, tissues or no tissues:

1. Pastor Gabriel’s real intentions and identity

There is no way Gabriel isn’t hiding some skeletons in his closet (uh, literally, is he hiding skeletons in his closet?). The way he keeps looking at the “You’ll Burn For This” carving on his church makes me nervous, and I didn’t really like how intensely he kept scrubbing and scratching at his blood-soaked floor. I get that Gabriel is a pious guy, but Rick was right. Guy is hiding something.

2. Beth and Carol’s escape from Grady

These two ladies HAVE to escape, right? I’m worried that all of Carol’s flashbacks indicate some kind of full-circle character development, and that there just isn’t a point for her to exist on the show anymore or whatever. Which is ALL KINDS of wrong, so let’s hope that’s not the case. In fact, we got a lot of Michonne’s backstory last season and she’s still with us (THANKFULLY). And as for Beth? Eh. I don’t care either way —I was never the biggest Beth fan anyway until this season.

3. But with that said, I want to know how Beth ended up at Grady

Beth was told that they found her severely wounded, so they took her in. So if they found her, who took her to begin with? If I remember correctly, Daryl saw the car that took Beth, and it was that same blue car with the cross on the back window. Did the Grady posse take Beth and purposely beat her up so they could (essentially) make her an indentured servant? Why Beth?

4. Sasha’s revenge on “Bob”

I understand girl is going through a lot right now. Her boyfriend got bit by a zombie AND had his leg chewed off by evil humans, so a little lack in judgement is to be expected. Bad timing? Yes. I knew “Bob” was playing her the second he told everyone to “call him Bob,” and Sasha looked over as though it were some kind of sign. Lady, there ARE no signs in the post-apocalypse. Haven’t you learned not to trust anyone? Especially not some random cop who is your hostage and a key player in a very, very important trade-off? #GURL. Let’s hope Sasha gets to punch this dude, wherever he is now (probably at Grady, telling Dawn everything and ruining Rick’s surprise ambush).

5. That Abraham finds peace with Eugene

Oh, Eugene. We all knew deep in our hearts that you were a liar and a wuss. We just hoped that there really was a light at the end of the tunnel and that you were that tunnel. Abraham is pretty upset to find out that Eugene had lied and basically used him for protection for years, and it’s understandable. But, we all have to move on now, right? Like, do we really have time to be bitter with Eugene? He showed Rosita how to filter dirty water, so he’s got at least something to offer. Plus, that mullet.

6. An epic showdown between Dawn and Rick

In the preview, we see Rick attempting to make a deal with Dawn, but we all know that’s not going to go so smoothly. Dawn is pretty loco, so what’s she going to do? Is she really going to go up against a fellow cop? Is she going to kill Beth or Carol once she finds out Rick tried to hold her people hostage?

7. Where’s Morgan?

We saw him in the beginning of season five, episode one —he saw Rick’s “NO Sanctuary” sign, so did he turn around? Or did he follow Rick? Will Morgan save everyone tonight?

We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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