13 things that people who live alone do, but would never admit

Living alone is a luxury for so many reasons. You can decorate your own apartment, come and go as you please, and pretty much life live exactly how you want. Living la vida solo also means you do things . . . strange things . . . that you might not do if other people were around. Fellow HelloGiggles staff writer Sammy Nickalls and I have both lived alone and done some pretty ridiculous things when nobody’s watching, so it’s time to ‘fess up.

Here are 13 things people who live alone do, but us solo-dwellers definitely wouldn’t admit:

Walking around with no pants more often than not.


Eating food in the bath.


Eating really weird meals.

Letting our laundry pile up WAY too long because of laziness.


Talking to ourselves or our pets (or both).


Having no idea if we’re about to accidentally poison ourselves.

Ordering delivery two (okay, three) nights in a row.

Not being able to open something, so it just sits in the back of the cupboard for eternity. 


Only cleaning when other people will see the apartment.


Staying in all weekend without anyone noticing. 

Taking cooking “shortcuts.”

Dressing up our pets in ridiculous clothing and having a mini fashion show.


Leaving lights on at night because we watched a horror movie and can’t help but be nervous that there’s a mass murderer or a malevolent, bloodthirsty demon lurking around every corner.