13 Things Only True Best Friends Know About Each Other

Fact: No one knows you like your bestie.

They’re your ride or die, your BFF, your sister from another mister, your true best friend is the one who knows everything about you and still adores you.

A true best friend is your biggest cheerleader and trustiest confidant. Whether you’ve known each other since elementary school or instantly clicked bonding over that annoying manager at work, you know what makes them special and exactly what they’re thinking without them saying a word. It’s a bond like no other, and because of that, you know more about them than anyone else.

Here are 13 things only true best friends know about each other.

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No matter how many typos there are, you can still understand their text messages

Bad speller, inebriated, sobbing uncontrollably after a bad day… you know exactly what your bestie is trying to tell you in their jumbled messages.

You know their entire family tree

The good, bad, and the ugly. True best friends know what your relationship is actually like with your mom, which cousin to avoid at family gatherings, and which grandparent gives the best gifts.

Their go-to comfort television show

woman watching tv

Do they watch Gilmore Girls over and over to fall asleep? Are they addicted to The Office? Or perhaps they’re a reality TV buff… your BFF knows your favorite thing to tune into.

Their pet peeves—even the tiniest ones

Is it the sound of gum chewing? People who stand up the moment the airplane lands? Line skippers? What’s that one inconvenience that just makes their blood boil? You know what it is and you always know how to avoid it.

That *moment* when the night is about to take a turn

friends women drinking bar

You’re out on a Friday night and it happens… your BFF says “let’s take shots” and you know it’s downhill from there. Or maybe it’s when she orders a certain drink, like a gin martini with a twist—she means business and it’s time to make sure everyone starts chugging water.

Those allergies they won’t admit to even themselves

Only a real bestie knows you’re lactose intolerant, but will still go on an ice cream date with you and make sure you take a lactase enzyme beforehand. Or, will only buy golden kiwi, because they know the regular green ones make your tongue itch.

Their plane seat preference

When it comes to travel, your true best friends know whether you like to feel in control in an aisle seat or if you’re a gaze-out-of-the-window-longingly kinda person. In fact, they also know how early (or not) you plan to arrive at the airport and if you’re more likely to be found at the airport bar or first in line to board at the gate.

What piece of jewelry they never take off

best friends hugging

Your bestie might be one of the sparkliest parts of your life, but they also know how much that ring from your great-grandmother means to you or how proud you are of yourself for finally buying that diamond tennis necklace you’ve been eyeing since college.

Whether they are a beach or pool person

Is she a never-gets-her-hair-wet friend? A let’s-play-mermaids friend? Without a doubt, you know if your bestie will be chilling by the pool getting a tan or hanging under an umbrella on the beach.

Her once-upon-a-time dream MASH outcome

Mansion, apartment, shack, or house—yeah, we’re talking to you, ’80s and ’90s babies. You know she once thought she wanted six kids and a white picket fence, though these days she’s gone for more of a travel-around-the-world-and-flirt-with-bartenders vibe.

Their go-to hangover food order

woman eating sandwich couch blanket

You don’t even need to ask how their night went, you know if they say, “I just UberEats-ed Shack Shake,” last night was a long one and they will not be leaving their couch until the sun comes up tomorrow.

Which ex they’d go back to (red flags be damned)

She’s over him and she’s happy, but there’s always that one ex that’s got just a little bit of a hold on her. You know, that one that if he called or there was an accidental run-in at the local coffee shop, she’d crumble. But, you’ll always be there to pick her up or cheer her on—even if you still think he sucks.

Their Sunday brunch vibes

You’re meeting the crew for a #SundayFunday brunch. Real best friends know how this is going to go down. Before arriving, you already know who is on the struggle bus from last night, which one is ready to rage, and which one is going to make sure there’s an order of French toast to share for the table—”it’s basically breakfast dessert,” she’ll say.

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