Little things I miss about living with my parents

Starting college (and preparing to start college, for that matter) is probably one of craziest emotional roller coasters one could ever ride. Your mood fluctuates constantly, little tiffs between you and your parentals get blown way, way, waaaay out of proportion, and upon your arrival at university, much to your dismay, the dining hall is not everything you had dreamt it would be.

Speaking as a current college freshman, two months ago I wanted nothing more than to get out of my house. This little birdy wanted to spread her wings and fly far, far away. But after a while, and believe me, she was totally surprised, this little birdy began to miss her nest. As much as I love being away at school and all the independence and opportunity that comes with it, I still miss home sometimes. And that’s only natural–again, I reference the emotional roller coaster. There are five, secret, totally under-appreciated comforts of home that I have come to miss in my first month as a college student.

1. Not having to wear shoes in the shower 

Being able to be barefoot in the shower is an absolute luxury that you can’t truly appreciate until you’re forced to wear shoes. Well, you’re not forced. That’s the beauty of college, no one forces you to do anything. But forego the flip-flops and you run the risk of contracting some seriously nasty fungus, and let’s be real here–nobody wants to deal with fungus.

2. Conversely, being able to belt out songs in the shower without being straight-up judged

There have been several instances whilst in the shower that I have been overcome with an urge to belt out “All About That Bass” or “Problem.” Maybe it’s just my communal bathroom, but this just isn’t done. Ever. It’s devastating.

3. Home-cooked meals 

It’s 100% cliché, but also 100% true. After a while, all-you-can-eat buffets of ice cream, pizza, and deep-fried deliciousness just cannot compare to your favorite, home-cooked dish.

4. Having your own bedroom 

I think this one speaks for itself.

5. Not having to carry a key when you go to the bathroom 

This is a big one. And it is especially difficult to remember during late-night runs to the bathroom. Personally, I’ve almost forgotten my key on a trip to the bathroom about twelve times. This is to be avoided at all costs. Because no one wants to make the call of shame and admit to their RA that they’ve locked themselves out. Again.

Some days, I really miss home and all of its comforts. But home is truly just a phone call away–and I refuse to apologize for the use of this cliché because it’s totally true. It’s time for us to leave the nest and see the world. Spread your wings, little birds. Soar.

Caroline Meyers is an actress and a writer by day and an avid shower singer by night. She’s a college student with big dreams, a love for elephants, and a serious case of wanderlust. Vintage shopping, tea drinking, and movie watching are some of her favorite pastimes. New York City will forever hold a piece of her heart, and although she hasn’t yet mastered the art of the tweet, you can find her at @Carlie_Meyers.

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