10 things you might have not noticed about the “American Horror Story” premiere

American Horror Story: Spoilers.

The first episode of American Horror Story Season 6 is alive and kicking…and like 80% of it makes sense. Okay, more like 70%.

The episode threw a lot of twists and turns at us during the first hour, and what we can gather is that it’s actually going to be a REAL (“real”) story about haunted America, set in Roanoke. AKA, the location of the Lost Colony.

While that right there is enough to keep you occupied for a season, this is AHS we’re talking about. Supposedly, this season is going to connect to the past five seasons of the show. Don’t believe us? AHS has already dropped a few big and little clues to past events — and also some things you might have totally missed all together.

1. The movie Shelby and Matt are seeing is called “Crimson Harvest.”


This is not a real movie. It is actually an episode of Murder, She Wrote. Might it mean anything?

2. Shelby and Matt live in the Fenton Building.


We know this, because it said it on the side of the building. The Fenton is a real building, and it’s located in DTLA….right near Hotel Cortez. Also located in DTLA. Know what’s downtown adjacent? The Murder House.

3. This is the wallpaper in Murder House 2.0.


Does this mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. But AHS showed it to us, so it must be important. Think the wallpaper might come alive at any point?

4. We just need to talk about this hot tub for a second.


Hot tubs are a common thing; you might have one in your backyard. But the thing is, the episode establishes that this house has been abandoned, and deserted, for some time now, so WHO actually put in this hot tub? And further more, WHY?

5. The people Shelby sees walking around her house are PROBABLY the nurses from Murder House


They move so fast, and the scene is so quick, but like, what other ghost nurses have we met? They’re dressed in all white, and they look pretty pissed. The only thing is: How can ghosts in LA get to Roanoke?


6. There’s a pig.

A pig is left on the doorstep of the house, and Matt has to burry it. This is interesting, because we saw the word PIG in one of the trailers, remember? It’s in the mobile.

BUT ALSO, there’s another pig reference, and it’s a direct connection to Murder House. Remember Eric Stonestreet’s character, who was terrified of someone called “Piggy Man” aka, “Piggy Piggy?” Well well well, what do we have here.


We also can’t help but notice that there has been a lot of police presence on the show so far — whether it be Lee or Matt complaining about how the cops in Roanoke don’t seem to care that Shelby is being harassed — and “pig” can be used as a derogatory term for a police man or woman.

7. It sure looks like Matt is watching a car chase on TV.


Maybe…a white Bronco car chase?

8. This is Demonic Kathy Bates.


Her character is uh, a demon (probably not, but let’s just pretend she is for right now) and walks around carrying a meat cleaver, like she’s the Butcher of Roanoke.

9. This is Wes Bentley.


Who may or may not actually just be one of the Others from Lost, with the creepy walking-out-of-the-forest stuff and the torches.

10. This is not Evan Peters.


This is also not Finn Whittrock. Or Cheyenne Jackson. It looks like this guy doesn’t have the top of his head, and what is this Orphan Black Season 3??