That time things got real on ‘Family Feud’

Family Feud can always be counted on for some next-level weirdness. When asked to come up with responses to prompts at the drop of a hat, most of us would end up coming up with some out there stuff. But recent contestant Darci took bizarre answers to a whole new place when asked to “name something a doctor might pull out of a person.”

Of all the options Darci had, the first one that came to mind? Gerbil. Yes, she rang in immediately and blurted out, “Gerbil.” Her face says it all — she surprised even herself! Steve Harvey was 1000% done, and her opponent started laughing hysterically once he processed the fact that yes, she did say gerbil.

Darci’s reasoning? “I heard about something like that once.”

And just like that, this clip entered amazing game show history.

(Image via Youtube)


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