18 bizarre things that only former dancers know to be true

There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who do not dance. Those who dance. And those who USED to dance. Being a former dancer is it’s own kind of community and nobody really knows what it’s like when you used to dance but stopped. Here’s everything that happens when you grew up as a dancer and no longer do it.

1. When you tell someone you used to be a dancer, they immediately ask if you can do the splits.

2. Or if you can “bust out a move.”

3. Or teach them “a cool dance.”

4. People will casually wonder if you used to be an ~exotic~ dancer.

5. Your aerobics instructor is like, “Great, job!” and you’re like, “Yeah, I used to balance on my toes, but thanks.”

6. Your S.O. tells people you’re a dancer because they think it’s sexy and you’re like, “Uhmm, retired dancer, babe.”

7. When you go to a club and some guy wants to “dance” with you, you’re just like-

8. You take the hardest Zumba class and wonder what all the fuss is about?

9. Creepy guys are always like, “So, you must be super flexible?”

10. People constantly ask you if contestants on So You Think You Can Dance are good dancers. Yes, they are very good!

11. But then people also asks you if [insert celebrity] on Dancing With the Stars is a good dancer. Ehhh, not really…

12. When you go to yoga it’s super depressing, because it’s harder than your dance warmup ever was. Wait, parallel feet? Weird.

13. But you can still at least touch your toes, thank God.

14. You’ll spend hours falling into a Youtube dance hole which is awesome, but also kind of sad because #nostalgia.

15. You refuse to throw away your dance shoes, because you just never know!

16. You still wear leotards all the time – just now, it’s under dresses or with jeans.

17. At weddings, you have to control yourself, because if you go full-force, the dance floor basically becomes your personal stage.

18. And when people ask if you “like to dance?” You’re like, “Uhhh, yeah, a little bit.” ?