6 things every grown-ass woman has in her refrigerator at all times

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re rifling through your parents’ kitchen for food and the next you’re a grownup who’s expected to house, clothe, and feed her own damn self. You’ve heard about the things every grown-ass woman has in her refrigerator at all times, but you might have ignored them until you realized that category officially applies to you.

The only way to handle this sobering reality is to accept it and go about the business of cleaning out your fridge. Start by tossing out anything that’s inedible and/or fuzzy. (We know, that’s a serious task.) Next, go for relocating the things you shouldn’t refrigerate but most of us still do until someone tells us that it actually destroys our fresh garlic and tomatoes.

It’s cool, though! We’ve all gotta learn some time. Just be careful about what you toss out since another part of adulting is knowing how to come up with recipes from what’s left in your fridge.

What you choose to store behind those cold-retaining doors is more important than you think. In fact, what you keep in your fridge says a lot about your potential, which kind of makes sense. Like, if you can’t be trusted to sufficiently stock your fridge, then what does that say about your trustworthiness in a relationship? #QTNA

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Um, so that’s a huge stretch, but still — you’re a grown woman so let’s make sure your refrigerator reflects that, shall we?


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As most grown-ass women tend to have enough cooking skills to survive, they won’t get very far without a carton of milk, which appears in a ton of recipes.

Whether it’s lactose-free, almond, coconut, or soy, just make sure you don’t store your milk in the refrigerator door.


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Unless you have a wine cellar or one of those fancy mini-wine fridges, we’ll gladly take a glass of chilled wine from your refrigerator when we stop by for a weekend brunch. Or if you’re an adult who also happens to be a genius, it’s totally acceptable to put wine in your fridge’s water dispenser.


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Even if you’re not a fan of the way yogurt tastes, it is one of the many foods you can use as a beauty product. Greek yogurt comes in pretty handy for all types of grown woman problems. You can use it try your hand at a DIY face mask, a celebrity-endorsed hair conditioner, or to slather it on your face to help get rid of acne.

4Fresh fruits and veggies.

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Some fruits and veggies are better off not being stored in the fridge (avocado, tomatoes), but those that should be refrigerated are a key part of every grown woman’s fridge staple.


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Classic, healthy breakfast food, ftw.

6Baking soda.

It keeps the fridge smelling right, you can use it as a shampoo, to exfoliate, brush you teeth, or even to make DIY cupcake bath bombs. Given its cheap cost (and the fact that your mom might be really disappointed to find out you don’t have any), there’s no excuse for not having your fridge stocked with baking soda at all times.

If none of these items are currently in your fridge, it’s no biggie. Obviously being an adult is way more profound than what’s not in your refrigerator, but having some or all of this stuff on hand might make taking care of adult obligations a little easier.

Since you’re officially a grown-ass woman and all, that means you get to choose every single thing that goes in your fridge, even if it’s your Academy Award. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge.)

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