Things you can only get away with if you’re best friends

There are some things in life that you can only do in the company of your best friend. They’ve stuck with you through thick and thin, from happiness to heartbreak, and there might not be anyone who knows you better. Which is also why they’re the only ones who will go along with your crazy antics. There’s a list of unspoken rules between best friends, and included on the list are things that only you two can get away with in each other’s company.

You’ve been best friends for so long, you just kind of expect these things to happen over time, which is why they don’t bother you when they do. So even though you might mess up once and a while, and she might bail from time to time, it’s completely acceptable. That’s what a best friend is for, right? Here are just a few things that you can do — and her as well — that won’t jeopardize your friendship in the least bit..

Buying The Exact Same Outfit

In some circles it is still considered a faux-pas to have the same exact outfit as someone else, but with your best friend this doesn’t even matter. It’s completely okay, if not encouraged, for her to buy the same exact outfit so then 1.) she won’t borrow yours and never give it back and 2.) you can surprise each other and match like wonderful weirdos together. Maybe don’t coordinate to dress alike on the same day, but having it happen as a complete random happenstance only solidifies your best friendship even more.

Bailing At The Last Second For A — gasp! — Guy

She knows you’ve had a crush on him for months, so she A-OK with the last second ditch just an hour before the movie starts. Hey, you’d allow her to do the same since matters of the heart are important. Plus, she full-on knows that the second the date is up you are either going to call her/show up at her apartment.

Saying That Her Outfit Doesn’t Match

An important part of friendship is honesty, even when it’s brutal honesty. Besides, if you don’t tell her that her yellow pants don’t match with her off-white shirt, who will? There’s rarely a time a best friend will chide you for suggesting that her colors don’t mesh well together. Usually it’s taken as a helpful suggestion—but if she wants to go with the clash, you’ve got her back completely.

Productively Critiquing Her Writing

Whether it be on a resume, a cover letter, a blog post, or a Tweet, if it’s being sent out to the masses, she wants to hear how brilliant it is, or how much it sucks. Best friends are the only ones who can give you productive criticism about writing, if only because they already know and love your writing so well. It’s always best to hand something important, like a resume, off to another set of eyes before you send it off, and you need someone who’s going to really care about the consequences. So yeah, work with her on that cover letter, because the more you help her, the better chance she has of getting the job.

Letting her make friends with your new friends

It can be weird when you introduce two friends, and then they become separate besties independent of you. But with your best friend, all your friends are fair game. You know your bond is so strong, nothing—and no one—can come between you. And the closer she gets with your other friends, the more times you can hang out together. Jealousy is just not a thing between you guys.

Spoiling A TV Show For Her

Accidentally. Oh gosh, accidentally of course, but you’re just so excited to talk about last night’s episode that you completely forget to ask if she’s caught up on it. She’ll of course forgive you, but probably hold a grudge for like an minute or two. It’s all good.

Forgetting To Wish Her A Happy Birthday On Facebook

Sometimes we just get so busy throughout the day that we forget little things, like birthday messages on Facebook walls. Don’t sweat it, though — you’ve already called her twice, texted her three times and had cupcakes sent to her apartment. With all the other birthday messages she’s getting she probably won’t even realize you didn’t type HBD!!! with the others. And if she does notice, those cupcakes will certainly make up for it. Also, let’s be honest: Facebook birthday messages are super-fun to get from randoms, but a birthday message from a bestie is best delivered in person.

Waking Her Up At A Ridiculous Hour

There are very few reasons it’s appropriate to wake someone up at an ungodly hour, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s 2AM and you just finished the best book ever, the one she’s been dying for you to read, and you need to discuss the ending ASAP. Or it’s 5AM and you just got back from the most incredible marathon date of your life, and really, she’ll want to discuss. Whatever the reason, as long as it’s important to your life she won’t mind being awoken from her sound slumber.

Ignoring Her Text For Hours

She knows you’re still alive because you’ve tweeted four times since her last text, and she isn’t even mad that you haven’t responded yet. That’s the sign of a true friend. She assumes you probably have your reasons, and besides, she’s ignored your text for hours before, too. Sometimes life gets in the way of texting.

Spilling An Important Secret to Her Mom

Whoops. Her mom had no idea her and her BF were moving in together yet, but you’re just so thrilled for them you forget to put up the mom filter. If she can’t hear the news from her daughter, you are the next best option. She might be upset for a little bit since you ruined the surprise, but she’ll get over it. Her mom has still invited you over for Thanksgiving, anyway. You’re basically part of the family, and sometimes families accidentally share secrets.

Doing Something Weird For Her, No Questions Asked

It’s kind of one of those unspoken friendship rules, that if your best friend asks you to do something out of the ordinary for her, you will. She’ll only return the favor, and do the same for you. Whether it be to head to the grocery store and buy fifteen boxes of Easy Mac, or pick her up at a sketchy location in town, or even be the one to hit SEND on that all important text message. Best friends will never judge or question the strange things we’re willing to do for them.

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