21 Things We’ll Never Not Love

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of those things in life that made us feel collective joy. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a person, a moment, or a cat just bursts into our lives and for a brief second we feel all the happy feelings. What are those things, you ask? We have a few ideas. Here are some things you might remember loving, and continue to love, because they are just that lovable. It’s possible that you may have never seen some of these things before now, but now that you have, you probably will love them forever with us.

1. When Denver the dog was guilty

2. When this baby panda sneezed

3. Oprah

4. The moment your AOL “connected”

5. And this sound

6. Getting a hand-written letter in the mail

A real letter beats an email any day.

7. Cats wearing glasses

8. That love scene from The Notebook

9. Photobombing animals

10. The Hook dinner scene

11. These twin babies talking to each other

12. Every Maya Angelou quote

13. This dance

14. Delirious/uncontrollable laughter

You know, when you’re with your besties and you start laughing at something and then can’t stop. The laughter gets more and more intense until you can’t breathe. And you can’t even remember what you’re laughing at in the first place.

15. Could Joey BE wearing anymore clothes?

16. Taking pictures of sunsets

Have you ever not taken a picture of a beautiful sunset? It’s impossible not to do.

17. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song

18. Dogs who lay like humans

19. When Charlie bit his brother

20. Sprinkles

Sprinkles on donuts, too.

21. Those very special people who make us laugh

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