This guy did a photoshoot with his thesis paper and it was pure romance

Get ready, friends, because we’ve seen photoshoots with dogs posing as babies, and burrito engagement shoots, and now we’ve got one between a graduate student and a thesis paper entitled, “Characterization of Inertial Measurement Unit Placement on the Human Body Upon Repeated Donnings.” So much yes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad student, Morris Vanegas, will graduate in June with a masters in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering. Unable to just turn in his paper as if he hasn’t spent countless hours on it, he instead decided to do a ~romantic~ photoshoot with it all over Boston.

As he explained to the Boston Globe, “It was more like a farewell. We both knew the time was coming to an end, and eventually, we would have to separate. I guess, in relationship terms, it was like having a summer crush. It was good, but you knew there would be an ending, eventually.”A love letter to my Thesis

In a series of 13 pictures uploaded to Imgur, Vanegas and his thesis have a jolly good time time together, hanging out at a bar, sharing a milkshake, and even laying in the grass together. This whole photo series started as a joke, with Vanegas explaining to the Globe that his mom was very nervous about him turning in his thesis on time. That’s when he started sending her silly pictures of him and his thesis doing things not related to work, and a beautiful joke was born.

Vanegas captions his pictures with quips like, “Your sense of humor is just like mine. It’s like we were always on the same page” and “I hope to see your face again soon, in the references section of future works on space suits” (His thesis is about space suits, because of course it is).

“I have been working on it for years now, all to end up between two pieces of cardboard in a library somewhere,” Vanegas continued, “I expected a bigger celebration turning it in. It’s [a] warm heartache. It’s like, ‘It was a really good experience, thanks for that,’ and you let it fly [away].”

Hey, at leas they’ll always have MIT!