Oh no. Not again. #TheShoe is tearing the Internet apart

Guys. It’s happening again. The Internet has been divided over two colors again. We’re seeing flashes of blue and black (or is it white and gold?) ALL OVER AGAIN. This time, the colors in question belong to bottles of nail polish and a shoe. Let us explain. Yesterday, a Twitter user by the name of “a” (@totallymendes) tweeted a picture that once again has majorly aggravated the interwebz (and has possibly even destroyed lives, who knows).

The picture, below, is of a hot pinkish purple high-heel with two different shades of nail polish —the left, a hot purplish color; the right, a hot pinkish color. “WHICH COLOR MATCHES THE SHOES THE BEST,” the Twitter user tweeted. Little did they know what kind of war they would start.

The answer may seem obvious to you — for me, personally, it’s TOTALLY the one on the left — but #TheShoe has got people totally baffled.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy?


And some have been coming to their own conclusions that are neither #teamleft or #teamright:

Either way, @totallymendes is totally (and understandably!) astounded by the media coverage #TheShoe has been getting. “I made this account so I could tweet videos from a concert [and] not annoy people from my town,” the fashionista’s bio reads, “and I got 7K followers and this #theshoe happened.” The story’s been covered all over the globe, because, hey, it’s the Internet, and we get pretty up-in-arms about garment color.

According to a BuzzFeed quiz, the majority of voters (65%, as of now) believe that the matching color is on the right — the pinker hue. (I’m still firmly on #TeamLeft, no matter what!)

Is it trick of the light? Do both colors match? Do neither? Should we just mix ’em together and see what happens? WHAT EVEN IS LIFE.

This, of course, totally reminds us of #TheDress —and no no, we have not forgotten #TheDress. Back in February, the Internet was totally baffled by the colors of a dress in a picture that a Tumblr user uploaded with the caption, “guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we’re freaking the f*** out”. Tumblr was totally divided, and it temporarily caused a cold war over #TheDress, which spread rapidly across the Internet. Though I was totally on team #WhiteAndGold, the dress was determined to be blue and black due to an insane optical illusion (though I’m still having a very hard time believing it, TBH).

What team are YOU on?

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