These women tested how heavier makeup affected their Tinder matches

Creating a Tinder profile can be tricky, and — according to a experiment — it turns out some users got significantly different responses based on one specific profile factor: natural versus heavy makeup.

Cosmo recruited 10 women and tested how heavier makeup affected their Tinder matches — because according to Tinder stats, women who wear heavier makeup are 55% more likely to be swiped right than women wearing no makeup (hmmm….).

The ladies they tested were extremely diverse in backgrounds and body-types (though it should be noted that they were all cisgender, straight women). For half the month, participants wore minimal makeup in their profile pic, and for the other half they went full-on glam.

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What were the results, you ask?

Cosmo reports that only half as many men started conversations with the women on their natural profiles, but the quality of their matches was “significantly higher.” It seems as though men who swiped right on more natural looks were more likely to ask specific questions about something the ladies had said in their profile, like their hobbies or profession.

The responses to the profiles in which women wore heavier makeup were generally more immediate, and sometimes more sexual in nature.

"Guys on this profile wanted to meet up as soon as possible, probably to hook up," said one woman. "I was treated like a piece of meat."

Other participants enjoyed the responses because they felt “exciting,” and of course, that’s totally fair.

Tinder is used to find all kinds of people and dating experiences!

via giphyAnd at the end of the day, dating is a very personal thing, and so is the choice to wear makeup. It’s clear, however, that wearing makeup in your Tinder profile can elicit different responses from guys — but by no means is there a “rule” to follow — apart from having fun and being safe.

So here’s to dating adventures — with or without makeup!