These women got engaged at the Women’s March, and we’re crying happy tears

The Women’s March was a true moment in history for all the reasons, but we just added one more to the list, because these incredible women got engaged at the Women’s March. Like, our hearts can hardly take this level of beauty.

The Women’s March made us feel so hopeful, and the fact that these two were able to celebrate love among literally thousands of people who, like them, want to see more good in the world is actually making us tear up right now. The engagement took place at the Women’s March in Riverside, California, proving once again that California is the dreamiest state around. Maybe if we go there, we’ll find a love like this?!

 According to our friends at Cosmopolitan, Lissa Stapleton, an assistant professor at Cal State Northridge, and Marcela Ramirez, a PhD student at Univerity of California Riverside each played a role in the march, with Stapleton being a chant leader, and Ramirez delivering the keynote address.

Following the address, the women got engaged at the Women’s March, literally lighting our hearts on fire because OMG, love is real!!!

Following her now-finance’s speech, Stapleton told the crowd,

“She is loving; she is generous; she is beautiful, bright, hardworking, and feisty. And I am so blessed that God brought me a ‘Ride or Die’ chick. So you are who I have been waiting for my whole life. You are the dream, and you are the One. So will you marry me?


Of the life-changing and seriously cinematic moment, Ramirez explained to Bustle,

"I thought what is she doing? Then she starts sharing her feelings about me publicly and I thought: is she about to propose to me in front of all these people? Oh my, it's going to happen right now!"

Also, can we just talk about what a badass duo this is? Actual goals right now.