These vivid watercolor tattoos are something out of our most magical dreams

We love all things tattoos, from the super huge pieces to super teensy-tiny tattoos. One of our favorite trends to rise up in the tattoo world in the last few years is watercolor tattooing. While there are definitely pros and cons to watercolor tattoos — you should know that watercolor tattoos may fade with time — they’re seriously so killer. Like, what a major work of art!  If you’re gonna go with one anyway (you risk-taker, you!), you should definitely do your research. If you happen to be around Chile any time soon, you should def pay a visit to one of our fave watercolor tattoo artists, Adrian Bascur. All of Bascur’s works are totally magical, and we love how vivid they are!

Like, how dreamy are these tattoos?

We can’t get over how beautiful these are.

Like, woah.

So many nature-inspired beauties in there! We’re obsessed with how bright and lovely these are, and how they sort of swirl right into the skin. Definitely worth a touch up or two in the future to have such a major work of art on your bod.

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