These videos of Lush Valentine’s products being made are giving us total heart-eyes

If you’re looking to end your workday by taking in luxurious visions of hot coconut oil and freshly sprinkled rose petals, you’ve come to the right place, because these videos of Lush Valentine’s products being made are full of lush imagery that will sedate you into a relaxed state of love.

If nothing else, you might find yourself craving some Lush bath bombs or feel a spur of desire to grow a plant in your shower from Lush products. Regardless of where you’re currently at with Lush, the videos themselves are pure eye candy for anyone hungry for a visual snack.

The behind-the-scenes people at Lush were generous enough to share videos of how they make both their Love You, Love You Lots Soap, as well as their Love Spell Massage Bar.

Both of the processes involve ample amounts of roses.

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The process of making the Love Spell Massage Bar feels like a sexy episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


First, they melt down and combine Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil.


Then they create a Rosehip oil out of Fresh Rose Petals and combine it with an Aloe Vera mixture as well as Neroli Oil (for fragrance).


Once the consistency is right, they mix it with the original Cocoa Butter mixture, cool it down, and fill their molds.


You can watch the full beauty of the process below, or purchase the Love Spell Massage Bar from Lush for $8.95.

The next video showed us the process of making the Love You, Love You Lots Soap.

This one also features fresh roses.


This soap combines a fresh Rose Petal tea infusion with Glycerine, Sorbitol and a Coconut Oil soap base.


Once all the ingredients are fully mixed into a bright pink, they pour them into the molds.


Then the Valentines Day soap beauty is born.


You can watch the full tutorial below or purchase Love You, Love You Lots Soap from Lush for $7.95

Now our heads are full of visions of rose petals, which is a nice change of scenery.

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