These temporary beauty tats from Flirt Cosmetics will switch up your makeup game

Most of us haven’t applied a temporary tattoo since our angsty tween days when we were trying to impress our crush with our cursory knowledge of the Ramones and skateboarding. However, Amber Rose, the face of Flirt Cosmetics, is convincing us to bring the days of faux tats into our adulthood makeup world with these temporary beauty tattoos, and they look as wild as you’d imagine.

The adult cosmetic tattoos are named Flirt CHICers, and each tattoo sheet includes eyeliner designs, hearts, polka dots, and stars.

As with most temporary tattoos, these beauty tats are one day only.

But hey, it makes the makeup application struggle a whole lot more interesting.

While the concept may sound silly at first, the cosmetic artistry of the tattoos looks fairly ornate when applied. They’re certainly more glam than the Bazooka Joe bubble gum tats of our childhood.

This looks runway-ready, or at least fashion party-ready.

To add to the overall playful experience, even the packaging for the Flirt CHICers is colorful and arty.

If you feel inspired to take Rose’s lead and update your childhood pasttime into a grown-woman game of dress-up, you can buy the set on Flirt Cosmetics for only $18!

These are temporary face tattoos you could even pull off wearing to a job interview!