These tattoos are so dreamy and weird and we kinda want to cover ourselves in them

If you’re the type of person who looks at most tattoos and thinks, cliche, get ready to have your mind blown. These tattoos are nothing short of unique, with ~dreamy~ vibes and funky patterns adding a bit of edge to each design. The sharp contrast of the tattoos and the clean blend of color makes these nothing short of the answer to our desire for weirder — but still beautiful — tattoos, and you won’t be disappointed.

The artist, David Peyote, is a 23-year-old who creates at Canada’s Imperial Tattoo Connexion. The shop boasts a wide variety of artists, with Peyote one of the most highly regarded among them, as Peyote’s impressive following of nearly 160k is a testament to the desire of a whole lotta people to get some of their unique art on their body, like, ASAP. And if you’re not brave enough to get Peyote’s art permanently, you can rock some rad clothes featuring the art.

Here are some of our faves

1. This geometric tiger

So effing cool.

2. This cat holding Drake

Yes. That is Drake.

3. This whale/bird/ear

Funky, and ~fabulous~.

4. This eerie scene

Inspired by “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” because of course.

5. This tribute to a young Ice Cube

This is actually so cool.

6. This Hogwarts castle

We may or may not be hyperventilating.

7. This twist on the traditional

A nod to a classic.

8. This stunning pattern

We *love* this.

8. This Jay Z piece

Just, like, OMG.

9. This adorable bear


10. This hungry raccoon

We feel you, raccoon.

11. This funky pup

We’re about it.

12. This stunning fruit

Who knew a pomegranate could be so edgy?

13. This lovely portrait

Truly beautiful.

14. This melting skull

So creepy in the *best* way.

15. This eerie bat

We’d rock it.

16. This yummy cocktail

Looks delish.

17. This snacking kitten

This is adorable.

18. And this space cat

And this may be even cuter. We love that sass.

19. This killer ribcage

It doesn’t get edgier than bones.

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